About Us

Company Overview
The Executive Staff at HotelMax brings more than a century of professional hotel and resort management, development and sales experience to every transaction. For over 40 years, we have developed, bought, sold and managed hospitality related properties in more than Forty (40) states and on Three (3) different continents. At HotelMax Realty and the HotelMax Hospitality Network, our primary goal is to enable our clients to achieve their investment objectives in a transparent and safe economic environment.

Since 2004, HotelMax Realty has specialized in the sale of hotels throughout the State of Florida and the Caribbean basin. While concentrating exclusively on Hotels, Motels and Resorts, we are able to provide in-depth, first-hand knowledge and analysis of local market conditions and regulations, far exceeding the capabilities of our competition.

In today’s ever-changing world of multi-tiered franchising, the internet and the new “Metaverse”, an Owner’s ability to understand the internal-workings of the hospitality industry and its global market is critical for determining current and future values of a hospitality related asset. With over a century of combined hospitality and real estate experience, HotelMax can optimize every opportunity for success. With unrivaled market knowledge and experience, the multinational staff at HotelMax Realty provides professional service that adds value to transactions and ensures their successful completion.